Birds & Bats Unlimited has worked nationally and internationally.
Because of our international work experience (Papua New Guinea, Canada, Sweden, Tristan da Cunha, Angola - surveys on Mount Iona, and the Namib desert) we are available to work abroad and prepared to relocate if required.  


Impact assessment projects include, but are not limited to: 

  • Proposed WIND ENERGY facilities

  • SOLAR arrays (PV, trough technology, CSP Towers)

  • Pylon and POWER LINE alignments

  • Diamond MINES

  • Golf courses


  • AIRPORTS and Shooting ranges

Collaboration with other specialists means we cover all your needs.
Using modern technology and strategic methods - including the use of state-of-the-art GPS/GSM satellite transmitters and the latest in Bat technology to determine fine-scale habitat use - our specialised surveys include not only Bats but also wetland birds and threatened and red-listed species such as Blue Crane, Flamingo and Penguin.

Rapid biodiversity assessments are also possible for other faunal groups - mammals, reptiles, amphibians.
As recognised BirdLife and SAIEES specialists we follow the BARESG guidelines (Birds and Renewable Energy Specialist Group) and Bat Surveys Good Practice Guidelines.
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